Small Fry Book Club

What is the Small Fry Book Club you ask? Families get the opportunity to purchase a book in their child’s name and dedicate it to the CES Library.

Buy books from our Amazon Wish List  and the book will automatically be shipped to CES. You can buy these books at any time throughout the year and we’ll announce it at select morning assemblies.

If you don’t like to use your credit card online, please send a message with the book you would like and we’ll work out the purchase.

If your family owns a book store and you can get books at a discount and would rather purchase that way, that’s ok too! Just let us know so we can remove books from the Wishlist.

Please note: However you decide to purchase the books, you’ll need to send an email to indicating what you would like on the label inside the book: your child’s name, who the book is from, and any special message (For kindergarten, birthday, etc). Please also indicate your child’s teacher so we can make sure your child is able to check out the book first.

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