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General Information for Event Chairs

Castleton Elementary School

2016-2017 General Information for Event Chairs

Event Preparation

Ø  A month or more before your event, the PTO VP submits a Building Use Request/Permit (BUP) on your behalf if your event takes place on Schodack District Grounds.   The BUP describes the contact person, date, hours, and set up for the event.  In some cases, you will be contacted by the VP to confirm the set up required (most events are repeated annually and the set up stays the same as the previous year).

Ø  Within a couple of weeks of the event date, information should be transmitted to families-either through handouts in the student folders or via the e-mail distribution system.  In ALL cases, any fliers or handouts MUST be sent to Mr. Derby for final sign off before distribution.   It is preferred that you go through the PTO VP to forward to Mr. Derby so that the PTO can keep track of the event, and post your approved flyer on our website.  Once approved, the VP will let you know it is ready to be distributed.   If you are distributing handouts, you must separate them into bundles according to the number needed for each class (listed on the next page).  Each pile must have a note (sticky note or scrap paper) that addresses which classroom the bundle is for.  They can be given to Mrs. Maier in the office with the request to distribute them.

Ø  Announcements about your event can be distributed via the PTO e-mail distribution list by contacting the PTO Correspondence Secretary.  Your event is already announced in the CES School calendar on line, and the PTO will announce it on the CES PTO webpage as well.

Ø  PTO event fliers can be copied using PTO paper and the school copy machine.   The machine is located in the computer lab at CES (second to last classroom on the left-first floor).  There is a badge for access to the copier in the bench in the lobby with all the handprints.   The paper available to the PTO is also located in the bench.  If you are unsure of which paper to use, don’t worry about it and use the paper in the machine.  This is okay with the school.  Photocopying outside of the school copier (including using alternative paper) is not a reimbursable expense unless previously arranged with PTO Officers.  If you are planning to use the machine during school hours, please check in at the office first before beginning your copying.

Requesting Donated Funds or Items for your Event

Due to the limited number of companies and local businesses available to CES, the PTO will need to monitor any requests made on behalf of the CES PTO.  This will assure that we will not  wear out our welcome, and we can better plan  for the budgeting needs of each event.   If you intend to contact ANY business for a donation that is not already a traditional business that your event works with, please speak to one of the PTO Board Members first to check the list of donations planned for the year.


Following the Event

Ø  Any receipts for reimbursement, money collected, etc. should be given to the Treasurer as quickly as possible, but no later than two weeks following the event.  Event Chairpersons should contact the Treasurer to arrange the exchange of any checks and cash.  Please do not transmit these items via your child’s school folder without previous arrangement with the Treasurer.

o    Expenses must stay within the budget for the event, unless discussed and approved by the board.

o    Expenses are the responsibility of the chair person.  This often requires fronting the money for the expenses and getting reimbursed later.  If your event requires a check to a vendor, you must gain the purchase order necessary before payment can be made.  All expenses that will require reimbursement MUST have accompanying

receipts.  If “fronting” the money is a difficulty, please speak to the PTO treasurer to make alternate arrangements.  We will do all we can to be sure the money is available.

o    The PTO CANNOT reimburse for tax.  Tax Exempt Forms are available in the PTO Mailbox titled “TAX FORMS”.


Shana Belsito

Faith Ryan

Vice President:

Kristina Macyowskie

Deborah Lane

Recording Secretary:

Jamie Auger

Corr. Secretary:
Dana Brandow


Class Counts

**this is updated often so please check before your distribution.

***please make 10 extra copies for Mrs. Maier at front desk.

Give each classroom stack (clipped together and identified by teacher) to Mrs. Maier to distribute.